julek ploski „Matcha latte, Contemplation EP”


In addition to the album itself, we also publish 'secret notes' that Julek took during the work on this material.

You will find information there about the tools he used and how they influenced his workflow.

The document is available in Polish (LINK) and English (LINK).

Dyspensa.AI is a research project monitoring the development of artificial intelligence in the field of sound and music. It is the first expert institution and creative agency in Poland comprehensively addressing AI in music.

As part of Dyspensa.AI's operations, we will undertake activities aimed at popularizing knowledge related to the use of AI in music. Our experts will share information on this topic through a YouTube channel, social media, publications, and also during conferences that will address topics related to artificial intelligence.

Further details about the project will be provided soon.

Join us! Are you a ML engineer? Do you program VST plug-ins? Are you a musician interested in new technologies? Consider joining us or just drop by and say hi!


Wojtek Urbański


Award-winning film composer

and music producer.

dr. inż. Mateusz Modrzejewski


An expert in the field of AI in music, a researcher at the Warsaw University of Technology; defended a Ph.D. thesis entitled "Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Artistic Multimedia Musical Content Creation Support".

Piotr Lenartowicz


Defended a master's thesis on ethical issues related to AI, CEO of Dyspensa Records.

Łukasz Palkiewicz

music producer

Julian Płoski

music producer

Izabela Ślosarczyk

project manager

Mateusz Kiejnig

office manager